Paul’s Oaty Snack Bars

When you’re training lots you’re going to need some snacks to make it through the day. It’s probably a good idea to have three or four good sized healthy meals but personally that just isn’t enough when my exercise volume is high. I need snacks but I can throw in a bag and grab when I’ve got five minutes. These bars are a staple for me as I know exactly what’s in them and I can tailor them to my needs at the time – changing the carb to protein and fat ratio easily. I’ve been making them for years and the recipe has evolved gradually but essentially you’re just sticking oats, nuts and raisins together with a banana egg paste (trust me, they come out much more normal than that sounds!). They keep in the fridge for a week but they will go off.

Oaty bars


Mash one banana (riper is better) in a mixing bowl, with a fork
Mix in a whole egg to get a paste

Throw in your dry ingredients:
2 mugs of oats
1 mug of mixed raisins, nuts or seeds
½ mug of desiccated coconut

Mix everything round to coat it with your banana egg paste, you will probably have to add some water to get things moist enough to stick, unless you used a particularly large banana and egg. Adding some whey protein powder can help stick them together, as well as the obvious protein boost. When you can press it with the back of your fork and it holds together then its about right – its pretty forgiving so don’t stress.

Tip the mixture out on to a baking tray, lining with baking paper will save a lot of effort but you can get away without, and flatten the mixture out. I’ve baked them between 1cm and 3cm thick and had good results, thicker just takes longer. Bake for 15-20 minutes at 200 °C, until the mixture has started to brown and is cooked in the middle. There is a pretty wide margin for error here (something I love) as long as you don’t burn them to a crisp they will be fine.

Extra options: Walnuts go well with the banana flavour (and have some omega 3 in). Try with banana whey protein, you don’t notice it massively. You can get a little extra sweetness with some honey or molasses added to the banana egg mix, but they are delicious as they are, particularly straight out the oven!

Short hand Recipe:

Get mixing bowl
Mash one banana
Mix in whole egg
Add 2 mugs of oats
1 mug of mixed raisins, nuts or seeds
½ mug of desiccated coconut
Mix, tip on to tray, flatten
Bake 200 °C for 15-20 minutes, till brown

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