South African world champs marathon course

The South African kayaking national championships were held recently, using the exact same course that will be used for the ICF canoe and kayak World Cup in 2016 and World Championships in 2017. Every course is slightly different and people love to get the low down so we’ve put together a quick overview of the course and the weekend.

SA kayak marathon course

The course from the 2015 SA national champs. The same course will be used for the world cup in 2016 and world champs in 2017. Photo from SA Canoe Marathon Facebook.

The portage looks fair, with a decent jetty to get out, and there’s plenty of space on the river .

The river does seem to have a bit of a problem with pollution and water quality. It’s a known problem and it is monitored so hopefully it won’t be a problem as it would be a real shame for teams to travel there to race and get ill from the water.

Selected results from the SA nationals (2015):

On the first day Andy Birkett won the mens K1, followed closely by Hank McGregor  and Jasper Mocké which really shows the quality of the racing in South Afrian marathon kayaking when the the reigning world champion can be beaten. Hank McGregor took the K2 title though with Jasper Mocké, with Andy Birkett/Greg Louw just 5 seconds behind.

In the women’s racing Bridget Hartley took the K1 and Jenna Ward/Kyeta Purchase took the K2.

More results here.

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