Getting back into training, recap of the last two months

As I said earlier this week in the intro post, I haven’t been training much for a while (certainly not consistently), so the last 6-8 weeks were really just aimed at getting back to training. Also, I started off weighing about 91 kg so I need to drop a few kgs: when I was racing, most of my best performances were at a bodyweight of about 87 kg and I was focussing more on sprint at that point so it probably makes sense to be a bit lighter for DW… hopefully low 80’s by the time of the race.

I didn’t have anywhere to keep my boat to begin with so it was living on my car, which is in a multi storey car park whose roof is pretty low so you can’t drive in and out with a boat on; you have to take it off, drive in, park, run back and get the boat, and put it back on the roof. Add in that there’s nowhere sensible nearby to get on the river and I didn’t paddle for a few weeks.

I started off trying to get one session a day Monday – Friday of gym or running. Fortunately there’s a commercial gym less than 10 minutes walk away that isn’t too bad (they have three racks and plenty of weights, what more do you need!). I wasn’t worrying about trying hard and was actually making the sessions deliberately easy: in the gym weights were 10-20% lower than I could have lifted and runs were really jogs looking at the scenery. I did that for three weeks, upping weights a bit but not much and keeping runs at 20-30 minutes. The real aim was to get used to training every day, once the habit is built upping the difficulty of each individual session is relatively easy.

River Tyne

My new home water on the Tyne

Once I sorted a place to keep my boat, at a rowing club, (who says paddlers and rows can’t get along, they have been very nice!) I started paddling twice a week. So a typical week was then something like:

Monday: Gym: bench press, 1 arm row, overhead press, curls, plank
Tuesday: Run, 6km / 25 mins OR paddle e.g. 6*6 mins on 3 off
Wednesday: Gym: Squats, deadlifts, situps
Thursday: Paddle e.g. 5*8 mins
Friday: rest
Saturday: Paddle e.g. 45 min steady
Sunday: rest

Last week was an easy / deload week and this week I have been back into normal training so I’ll start posting up my training properly at the end of the week (I’ll post training at the end of each week, so it’ll be a recap rather than a plan, and I’ll probably group each month’s training into one post which I’ll update each week rather than having loads of small posts clogging the place up).

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