December DW Training

1st – 11th December
Thursday (1st December), paddle
6-1-6 managed to squeeze a paddle in before going away for the weekend.

Friday & Saturday
No training

Flew back from Berlin. Easy run in the evening, 25 mins 5.5 km.

Monday (5th), Gym
A, bench press from pins, 5*5, lowest pins: 90,95,100,100,102.5 got all 5 but last very slow
Back off set, 90*5
B, seated cable row, neutral handle, 4*10-12: 52*12,12 59*10,10
slow/controlled reps and slight pause at chest
C, DB overhead press, 3*8-10: 18*10,10,10
D1, curls, 3*10-12, 12kg 12,12,12 could probably go up but I’m not bothered by wasting energy on curls, they will come up slowly without worrying if I just keep doing a few
D2, cross body triceps extensions, 3*8-12: 12kg *10,9,10
E1, face pulls, 3*10-15
E2, plank, 3*75 secs

Tuesday, Paddle
Started off taking it a bit too gentle and wasn’t really trying, but pushed on more in the second half.early morning river

Wednesday, Gym
Squat, 4*5r: 85,85,90 hard, 90*4 (failed on 5th)
1 leg rear foot elevated split squats, 3*8-10: 40*10,10,10 up to 45 next week
RDL, 3*6-8: too dead from squats to add RDLs this week
Side bends, holding a dumbbell in one hand, 3*12-15, 34*10,10,10 quite hard. Going slow. Same weight next week and up the reps.

Thursday, Paddle
8* 1km every 7 minutes(first one wasn’t really an effort, was just measuring the course). I should really have done a couple more efforts, we used to do 10 back in the day. Doing some efforts where I could time them and aim to match the time on the next effort was good, helped me to push harder and not just go through the motions.

Friday, Gym
A, bench press, 4*10-12: 80*12,12,10,10
B, chest supported row machine, 4*10: 52:10,10 struggling. 45*10,10
C, Skull crushers 4*8: 35*8,8,10,10
up to 37/40 next week
D1, straight arm pulldowns, 3-4*8-12:25*10,10;10 quite like them. Haven’t done for ages . Similar pattern to paddling. Also anti extension core ex.
D2, rear delt flyes, 3-4*8-12:4*12,12,12 use 5s next week
E, core circuit. meant to be 3 circuits, 10-15 reps each, 3-4 exercises, v sits / hip ups / toe touches / sit ups or similar
Did v sits, cycling sit ups, crunches. All *10*2 not as many as planned … but I need to work up to it, it killed me instantly!
Really quite sore from Wednesday leg session, glad I didn’t do the RDLs that I had down as optional!
I feel a bit tired, and feel weak and sore in gym, its the end of the week so no big deal.

rest (working)

a.m. paddle

love this session, raced a few rowing boats to make it more fun.

p.m. run
Standard 5.6 km along the river. 23:27 (PB by 30 seconds)

a.m. Paddle

The seal was back again, I looked behind me between efforts and it was swimming along directly in line with me in my wash! Nice gentle session to leave myself energy for the gym later.

p.m. Gym, Max upper
A, bench press from pins, 5*5,lowest pins: 90,95,100,102.5,105*4 90*5 back off set
B, seated cable row, neutral handle: 4*10-12: 52*12,12 59*12,12
C, DB overhead press, 3*8-10: 20*10,10,8
D1, curls, 3*10-12: 12kg 12,12,12
D2, cross body triceps extensions, 3*8-12: 12kg *10,10,8
E1, face pulls, 3*10-15
E2, plank, 3*75 secs

Tuesday, Paddle

a.m. Gym, lower
Squat, 4*5r: 40,60,80. 85,95,90(hard),90 last rep messy, 60*5 back off set
1 leg RFESS, 3*8-10: 40*8 45*8,8. 45 didn’t feel much harder than 40
Side bends, heavy, 3*12-15, 34*12*3. Going slow. Same weight next week and up the reps

p.m. Run
22 mins steady, not going particularly hard

Thursday, Paddle

Friday, Gym
A, bench press, 4*10-12: 80*12,12,13,12
B, chest supported row machine, 4*10: 52*10,10,10,10
C, Skull crushers 4*8: 35*8 40*8,8 35*8
D1, straight arm pulldowns, 3-4*8-12:27*8,8,8,8
D2, rear delt flyes, 3-4*8-12:5*8,8,8,8


Sunday, Paddle

Monday, Paddle
48 mins CAP
no rest and then straight to gym

A, bench press, not from pins as at Wey and gym busy, 5*5, 100,100,105,105,107.5
B, seated row machine, neutral handle: 4*10-12: 10,10,10,10
C, DB overhead press, 3*8-10: 20*10,10,7
D1, curls, 3*10-12: 12.5kg 12,10,8
D2, cross body triceps extensions, 3*8-12: 12.5 kg *10,8,3
E, incline sit ups, 15,12,10

Tuesday – Friday
I was at Wey for the week, so training was a bit altered. Monday I trained on my own but them Tuesday to Friday I joined in with other people’s sessions. I won’t write out all of the exact sessions as I didn’t ask them if I could. Roughly, I did two sessions a day which were a mix of paddling and gym. I haven’t done so much training for years and by Friday I was pretty tired. It was the first time I’ve paddled with anyone else for three months and it was really good to be able to compare my speed and it was great motivation to get a good kicking from people faster than me.

Saturday, run
30 min steady

Wednesday, Paddle
I got heart rate monitor for Christmas so might mention HR some times if I think it is useful or interesting, my average Heart rate was 153 for what it’s worth. Mainly I got it to help me push myself on harder sessions.

Thursday, Gym
This week is an easy week so I wasn’t sticking to the program really, also I hadn’t done gym for a few days. So I just did a general while body session then I’ll restart on the regular program on Monday
Press, 3*3: 110, 110, 115*3
90*3 back off
Deadlift, 3*5r: 100*5,5,5, straps are in the wash and grip felt terrible (hands got quite cold paddling without pogies yesterday)
I’m not very good at deadlifts! I think I’ll make them my main leg exercise for the next cycle
C1, rollouts, 6,6,6,6 Not too hard but I haven’t done them for ages and I know they make me sore so kept it easy today
C2, seated row neutral grip, 52*8, 59*8, 66*8, 66*8
D1, curls, 3*12, 12 kg, should up reps or change to cable curls next cycle to vary,maybe both
D2, cross body triceps extension, 3*10: 12*10,12,12
seem to be improving a bit at these now, always takes a while as they only use light weight
Two sets of face pulls

Run, max heart rate test
4 mins easy , 3 moderate , 3 hard
Hit 185, test gave an estimated max of 199

Friday, paddle
3/2 *10 (4 min rest at half way)

Saturday, Paddle
I was planning on doing 30 km but my phone died before then, so I did two and a half hours which should be about the same (maybe a bit short). I felt a lot better after it (not particularly tired) than I did after the 20 km I did a few weeks ago which is very encouraging. That long without a portage is horrible though, next time I’ll work out somewhere to to a few portages.

Sunday, Rest

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