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Thoughts on training

sunny river tyne

When the weather is like this, how could you not want to paddle!

Having had to pull out of DW this year, the obvious question that people have asked is “are you doing DW next year?”. Maybe… A good part of the reason I planned to do DW was to push me into training again. That worked, but now it’s time to have a reassess. I raced some sprints the other week and really enjoyed it, even if I wasn’t anywhere near as fast as I used to be. You can’t really focus on training for sprints and endurance things like DW at the same time though. So there’s a decision to be made. It’s made me look again at what I want to do and think about why I train. Continue reading

Not doing DW

After I cut my finger I said I’d keep the training blog going until I decided if I would race or not. I’m not going to race.

Having been doing physio for a couple of weeks it is obvious that it is going to take a while to recover. I can’t do much upper body exercise, let alone paddle, for several weeks. I’ll probably be able to paddle by the time it gets to DW but I won’t be paddling well. I won’t be going any where near as fast as I could which would be frustrating. Not to mention the cost and time taken to feel like I’m not doing myself justice.

I don’t think it is worth continuing the training blog. I’m not really training properly at the moment. It is more like I’m trying to get some general exercise and do whatever exercise I can fit around it than actually training for something, so it is unlikely to be useful or especially interesting.

Hopefully next year I can have a good crack at it.

Good luck to everyone else.

Injured finger

So much for staying healthy and uninjured! Last week I slipped while using a kitchen knife and sliced open the side of my finger. The long and the short of it is that I went a third of the way though a tendon and my left index finger is going to be splinted for six weeks. (Update: When I went back to get stitches out and talked to the nurse and physio they said that when the surgeon said I cut a third of it he meant the tendon splits in to three bits around the knuckle and I cut the bit on one side completely through. Also, they said four weeks in a splint not six.) The general guidelines say no sport for 10 weeks. It doesn’t look great for DW given that it is in just over 12 weeks, but I’m not going to rule it out yet. I didn’t go all the way through and it’s an extensor tendon so it’s not actively used to hold a paddle. Plus I’m generally fit and healthy so recovery times should be on the lower end of the estimates, hopefully. Continue reading

January DW Training

Week 2nd – 8th January 2017

a.m. gym
A, bench press, narrow grip, 5*5 (fingers just onto the smooth part of the bar so not really narrow) 80,90,90,90,80
B, seated cable row, neutral handle: 4*10-12: 52*10, 59*10,11,11
C, DB overhead press, 3*8-10: 20*10,9,10
D1, curls, 3*10-12: 12kg 15,15,15
D2, cross body triceps extensions, 3*8-12: 12 kg *10,10,9
E1, face pulls, 3*10-15
E2, supine hold with 1 arm DB press 12kg, 3*8. Core exercises can be so boring, but this is reasonably isn’t too bad.

p.m. run 25 minutes
Alternating four minutes steady one hard to break it up and make me work (I was going to go for an easy one but Joe convinced me to put a bit of effort in and adding the hard minutes was good for stopping me being lazy!) Continue reading

Devizes to Westminster training plan: a breakdown of the next few months’ training

dw-logoI’ve been posting a training blog / log but haven’t really covered any of the why behind the choices of sessions etc, but whenever I see someone’s training program (and I’ve got loads of snippets from various programs saved away) I always want to work backwards to what is driving the choices and overall structure, although it’s often nice to steal a session or two to add some new variations to your training. So here’s my best shot at breaking down the aims and thinking behind what I’m doing. Continue reading

December DW Training

1st – 11th December
Thursday (1st December), paddle
6-1-6 managed to squeeze a paddle in before going away for the weekend.

Friday & Saturday
No training

Flew back from Berlin. Easy run in the evening, 25 mins 5.5 km.

Monday (5th), Gym
A, bench press from pins, 5*5, lowest pins: 90,95,100,100,102.5 got all 5 but last very slow
Back off set, 90*5
B, seated cable row, neutral handle, 4*10-12: 52*12,12 59*10,10
slow/controlled reps and slight pause at chest Continue reading