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January DW Training

Week 2nd – 8th January 2017

a.m. gym
A, bench press, narrow grip, 5*5 (fingers just onto the smooth part of the bar so not really narrow) 80,90,90,90,80
B, seated cable row, neutral handle: 4*10-12: 52*10, 59*10,11,11
C, DB overhead press, 3*8-10: 20*10,9,10
D1, curls, 3*10-12: 12kg 15,15,15
D2, cross body triceps extensions, 3*8-12: 12 kg *10,10,9
E1, face pulls, 3*10-15
E2, supine hold with 1 arm DB press 12kg, 3*8. Core exercises can be so boring, but this is reasonably isn’t too bad.

p.m. run 25 minutes
Alternating four minutes steady one hard to break it up and make me work (I was going to go for an easy one but Joe convinced me to put a bit of effort in and adding the hard minutes was good for stopping me being lazy!) Continue reading

Devizes to Westminster training plan: a breakdown of the next few months’ training

dw-logoI’ve been posting a training blog / log but haven’t really covered any of the why behind the choices of sessions etc, but whenever I see someone’s training program (and I’ve got loads of snippets from various programs saved away) I always want to work backwards to what is driving the choices and overall structure, although it’s often nice to steal a session or two to add some new variations to your training. So here’s my best shot at breaking down the aims and thinking behind what I’m doing. Continue reading

December DW Training

1st – 11th December
Thursday (1st December), paddle
6-1-6 managed to squeeze a paddle in before going away for the weekend.

Friday & Saturday
No training

Flew back from Berlin. Easy run in the evening, 25 mins 5.5 km.

Monday (5th), Gym
A, bench press from pins, 5*5, lowest pins: 90,95,100,100,102.5 got all 5 but last very slow
Back off set, 90*5
B, seated cable row, neutral handle, 4*10-12: 52*12,12 59*10,10
slow/controlled reps and slight pause at chest Continue reading

My first DW, junior doubles in 2007

Build up

I paddled for a year or two when I was nine/ten ish and raced a few Div 9 races and things but not very much. I restarted paddling when I was 16 just before Easter, I know it was just before Easter because I remember wanting to do the Wey to Elmbridge half marathon, but I was too old. Inevitably, I heard about DW, it’s hard not to hear about DW if you’re down a canoe club at Easter! I was intrigued (and blissfully ignorant of what it actually took to race). I spent the summer doing all the Hasler races I could, and getting more and more into paddling. Near the end of summer, my coach, Sarah, found me a potential partner, with a view to doing DW. He was Fred Rief, who paddled for Cokethorpe school, who had several good DW junior paddlers. By this point I’d only raced Hasler races and regattas but I was convinced I wanted to give the DW a crack. Continue reading

November DW training

Week 31st October – 6th November
Another week much the same a the last couple, there’s no need for any big changes, I just need to keep ticking the sessions off.

Monday (October 31st), Gym
Press, 4*6: 95*6, ,97.5*6,7,6
1 Arm Row, 4*8: 40*12,12,12,12
Skull crushers, 4*8-10: 25*10,30*10,10,8,8
Curls, light, 3*15: 10kg I suck at curls so I’m just adding some each week and keeping it at a light weight for now
Face pulls, 3*12-15
Plank, 60″30″*3 quite hard, I don’t like plank (it just isn’t fun, I prefer exercises like weighted sit ups, landmines and medicine ball throws) but I suck at it so I figure I should try to improve. Continue reading

October DW training

Week 17th – 23rd October 2016

This week was the first after an easy week so in theory should be back up to normal training volume, actually I will try and up it a bit over the next week or two. I didn’t get a run in which I want to next week (running hasn’t traditionally been my strong point and there’s lots of it on DW so I need to work on it). Bodyweight was down to low 88s, so moving in the right direction. Continue reading