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Injured finger

So much for staying healthy and uninjured! Last week I slipped while using a kitchen knife and sliced open the side of my finger. The long and the short of it is that I went a third of the way though a tendon and my left index finger is going to be splinted for six weeks. (Update: When I went back to get stitches out and talked to the nurse and physio they said that when the surgeon said I cut a third of it he meant the tendon splits in to three bits around the knuckle and I cut the bit on one side completely through. Also, they said four weeks in a splint not six.) The general guidelines say no sport for 10 weeks. It doesn’t look great for DW given that it is in just over 12 weeks, but I’m not going to rule it out yet. I didn’t go all the way through and it’s an extensor tendon so it’s not actively used to hold a paddle. Plus I’m generally fit and healthy so recovery times should be on the lower end of the estimates, hopefully. Continue reading